Inspiring Spaces Made Possible

Air. Power. Light. Water.

At Emanuelson-Podas, we’ve been bringing air, power, light and water to the places that matter for more than 60 years. We do it creatively. We do it efficiently. We do it sustainably. And we do it in a manner that provides extraordinary value to everyone involved with the project, from the architect to the end user.

Inspiring spaces don’t happen by accident. They happen when architects and engineers deeply and meaningfully connect. At Emanuelson-Podas, we believe in the power of connections. We believe in the importance of effectively communicating. We believe that—together—they encompass the core of true partnership.

[ The Right Systems, The Right Design ]

In all we do, we strive to deliver inspired, expert building system solutions to the architects, contractors, facility managers, business owners and others with whom we work. Our core strength is providing exceptional mechanical, electrical and plumbing design.

Our Services

Since our founding more than 60 years ago, we have chosen to work across multiple industries, including the corporate, civic, education, fitness, financial, healthcare, hospitality, housing, industrial, municipal, restaurant, retail and worship sectors. Our experience in a broad range of markets provides us with a healthy, valuable perspective when considering building design solutions.





[ Our Mission ]

At Emanuelson-Podas, our mission is to establish meaningful connections with great people; deliver inspired, expert building system solutions; and do so better than anyone else.

[ People First, Values First ]

At Emanuelson-Podas, everything about how we work begins and ends with three simple words—family, service and trust. These are our company values, and they are at the very core of everything we do.

It’s our belief that a sincere values-based approach creates stronger connections between all parties involved in a project, and that it ultimately helps us deliver the strongest, most effective, most appropriate system design.


We pride ourselves on being a family-first business. We encourage one another to find the balance between home and work, and we are committed to making our clients’ work lives efficient and hassle free, so that their time at home can be stress free.


Each of our employees strives to work with a genuine spirit of service. We define our success by the success of our clients and drive initiatives to find solutions for their engineering challenges.


Honesty, accountability and reliability all spring from a foundation of trust. The strongest, most productive relationships have trust at their core.

[ Our Space ]

Who said engineers don’t have style? Our 26,000-square-foot office features staff-designed and staff-constructed furniture made from locally sourced hackberry, a massive 26’ diameter ceiling fan, 6,000 lineal feet of rough-sawn pine, 100% LED lighting and a 4,000-square-foot family and rec room.

[ 60 Years of Building Connections ]

Founded in Minneapolis in 1957, Emanuelson-Podas was originally Olson, Emanuelson and March. Over the years, growth and changing business needs have seen us move from Minneapolis to Richfield to Minnetonka and finally to our current space in Edina. Our name was officially changed in 1977 to Emanuelson-Podas. While the company has had leadership transitions in the years since 1977, we have retained a name that is synonymous with exceptional mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services.

Bob Emanuelson, the last of our original founders, retired in 1995. The current ownership and leadership team consists of Mike Webert, who became a partner in 1992, Scott Vander Heiden in 2000, Matt Fults in 2002 and John Nordstrom in 2010.

Our Leadership

Over the course of our 60 years in business we have seen the emergence of new technologies and expectations. Our core commitments to exceeding client expectations, hiring and retaining a talented team of professionals, and demonstrating personal respect for our clients and staff have allowed us to thrive, regardless of the economy or changes in our profession.