Inspiring spaces don’t happen by accident. They happen when architects and engineers deeply and meaningfully connect. At Emanuelson-Podas, we believe in the power of connections. We believe in the importance of effectively communicating. We believe that – together – they encompass the core of true partnership.

Our Team

History and culture

The Emanuelson-Podas founding partners established the company in 1957 with the goal of providing second-to-none MEP engineering and design expertise to the clients they served. Their strength of leadership helped set the foundation for what we are today, and created a strong culture of collaboration and teamwork that is still visible throughout the company.


At Emanuelson-Podas, everything about how we work begins and ends with three simple words – family, service and trust. These are our company values, and they are at the very core of everything we do.


We pride ourselves on being a family-first business. We encourage one another to find the balance between home and work, and we are committed to making our clients’ work lives efficient and hassle free, so that their time at home can be stress free.


Each of our employees strives to work with a genuine spirit of service. We define our success by the success of our clients and drive initiatives to find solutions for their engineering challenges.


Honesty, accountability and reliability all spring from a foundation of trust. The strongest, most productive relationships have trust at their core.

Our Space

Visitors who step into our 26,000-square-foot office quickly realize that we’ve worked hard to weave our corporate values and personality into our physical space.

Featuring unique furniture made from locally sourced hackberry, sit-stand desks for employees, a massive 26’ diameter ceiling fan, 6,000 lineal feet of rough-sawn pine accents and 100% LED lighting, the space both enhances our work and our connections to each other. See PDF

Perhaps the two most unusual elements are a 4,000-square-foot family and rec room (complete with a half-court basketball court) and a fitness studio directed by an on-staff performance coach. Both are available to our employees and their families.